Monday, October 31, 2016

Not so little pumpkins this year

The years go by so quickly. We are enjoying every minute and these 4 are so much fun! K thought he was too big to go trick or treating this year, but J talked him into it. It was a chilly night so we went speed walking through the neighborhood with a Butterfly, Minnie Mouse, Superman, and a Body Guard. K had a neighborhood friend tag along too.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

K's last day of being 12..

Only a few more hours till we are proud parents of a teenager. Can't think of a more awesome boy to break us in. We love you so much kiddo! 
These 2 are still best friends 💜💛

Monday, February 15, 2016

A valentine poem by JWyn

An Unsung Wondrous Creature 

I sing this song to the unsung

Tall mammal with a purple tongue,

Whose dark brown spots are like the sun,

And rise upon the day begun.

He walks with grace and eyes open wide 

Sixteen feet tall and filled with pride. 

He rarely jumps but stands up tall,

And never does he ever fall.

For lunch he stretches way up high,

To reach the Acacia quite near the sky.

Then comes back down for a quiet sleep,

And tends to his little ones he must keep.

This unsung wondrous creature,

With his tall neck (quite a feature),

Has small ossicones like horns on his head, 

And eyes of brown , this creature unsaid.

And does he know, this sweet giraffe,

That I love him, he makes me laugh.

Rash and harsh he isn't half,

Especially to his sweet young calf.

Yes, he can hardly get a drink, 

And he isn't a pretty shade of pink,

But I do wish him to be mine,

My lovely, spotted, tall, valentine.

Science Fair

The kids had a science fair last week. K did a project on robotics, J did an experiment on whether pets have a right or left paw preference, R did his on elevators, and A learned all about rainbows. 😊