Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Visit to The Carousel Museum...

Grandma suggested that we go to visit the Carousel Museum...And we loved it! :)  This beautiful Carousel was built in 1916.
We learned that at 10 rotations per minute, it was originally intended to be a thrill ride for adults! (Notice the wild looking faces on some of the hand-carved horses)


Friday, January 1, 2010

our new family member...

Thought you'd like to meet our extremely spoiled little critter... This is, as K has been telling everyone, his "first real out-of-water pet". :)  He has been getting tons of loving attention and has been feasting on all sorts of veggies, especially his favorite.. peppers.

The kids have been trying to decide on a name... J really wanted to name him "Squeaky", and K wants to name him "Wilbert"...So I guess it's Squeaky Wilbert....although he usually just gets called "Piggy".

Welcome to our family, Piggy! :)

Christmas Dolls..

Did you ever have dolls like these?  They were a favorite present given to me by my mom and dad when I was little.  They came with the names "My Friend Mandy", and "My Friend Jenny"  :) ...made by Fisher Price.  My parents saved them, and I got to give them to MY little girl this Christmas.  It just so happened that J put "doll" on her wish list this year, and she had not yet seen it worked out perfectly!
They came with a little closet full of doll clothes that were lovingly made by my mom.  J has been having fun dressing them in all the different outfits..  Maybe she'll be able to give them to her little girl someday? :)