Monday, November 26, 2012

Mummies, Sphinxes, and Ancient Egypt

We had lots of fun checking out the Ancient Egyptian relics at the "Shadow of the Sphinx" exhibit this weekend! A few of the amazing things we saw were:
R checking out the Egyptian masks under magnification.... :)
A mummy mask...
A mummy casket...
A small box with a Sphinx on top...
A mummified cat for "protection"..
K checking out the mummified head painted in gold.
An alligator tea pot...
This exhibit came at a good time as the kids have been studying Ancient Egypt in school this year!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Adoption Day!!!

We were told earlier this week that we would have to wait for a while longer as the agency was still waiting on a huge amount of paperwork to go through before the adoptions could take place.
Then, by some miracle of God and some amazing adoption caseworkers, we were told we were on the docket for National Adoption day with less than 2 days' notice!  One Grandma traveled on the train to be with us while Grandma and Grandpa Bee also came to celebrate with us!  We were so happy that R and L's three siblings were there and were adopted just a few minutes before by two other wonderful families!
This is how you contain your little brother while he anxiously awaits his turn to be adopted! :) R saw this picture and said: "Ha! I am a sandwich, I was being the peanut butter and Jelly!"
They had several stations set up with local family court judges.  As soon as all the paperwork was reviewed and signed, the judge told the kids they could ring the bell to let everyone know they were adopted.  The kids got to take home their bells.  L says that this was her favorite part of the adoption! :)
K and J are such wonderful big siblings and are thrilled that the little ones are finally officially ours! J has been happily reminding them all day that she is their REAL big sister now, for really REAL!
Showing off their adoption certificates..
R is still a little worried that the adoption won't last, or that it will somehow "wear off"... We just keep reminding him that this is for real and we are his mama and daddy forever and ever!  I think it may take a while to fully sink in...
Getting ready for our family picture..
After all of our adoptions, we all went to the Olive Garden together with grandmas and grandpas, adopted aunts, uncles, and new nieces and nephews to celebrate.
Saying goodbye to Grandma before she left to go home on the train.  We missed you Grandpa! Hope you are feeling better...
Such a wonderful happy day to remember!
**More pictures coming as soon as we get them...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Little monkeys

Today was such a beautiful, warm November day... Kids had so much fun playing hide-and -seek and swinging from trees! :)