Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strawberry Flowers!

J was so delighted when we walked out our door today. She said "Look Mama! We have strawberry flowers in our garden!" :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friday Nights

We are still having our usual Friday night get togethers on most Fridays. Lately they have included lots of games, movies, food, Mountain Dew, great discussions, and sometimes Nintendo Wii :) The girls have also done Sushi making, jewelry making, and we are planning a hat making night soon.

Good tea Shailyn?
Ola demonstrating her amazing braiding skills! :)

Intense game playing. That's a beautiful face Todd.

This is Sheila playing golf on Wii :)

This is me... :DCome on over if you can..

Painting Elephants

Have you seen this? These elephants are so amazing!

Cubby Kids

The kids have loved doing Cubbies Club (which is part of Awanas) at a nearby church! They have been learning all kinds of Bible verses and stories. They also get to watch a puppet show, play games, do projects, and eat snacks with friends every week. They LOVE their cubbies teachers!

J was so happy to be able to start going after she turned 3 this year. She loves being in the same class as her big brother, cousin, and lots of friends! A couple weeks ago, K and J were so excited to be able to make race cars for the big race day at Awanas.

Grampy helped cut out the cars in his dental lab. The kids watched and told him just how they wanted them to look. Thanks so much Grampy!
Making the cars smooth.K always loves watching Grampy work !Poor J fell asleep in my lap while her car was being cut out. Later we realized that she had a fever:(
Feeling a little better the next day, she and K painted their cars. Can you guess what color K chose? :)Notice the nice seat that Daddy drilled in K's car for the Lego guy to sit in.
Two beautiful cars ready to race, and two beautiful sick kids and a sick mama that had to stay home! We were so disappointed!
Jeff was our hero. K asked him to take the cars to the race for us. He even took pictures! What a good daddy!
The cars were really fast!