Thursday, May 10, 2007

Toddler Hair Do

If any little 2 year old girls you know just happen to take a tub of Vaseline from the changing table and rub the entire contents into their hair, don't panic! **Before anything, get the camera and take pictures! (In my panic, I forgot!)
We found the secret to getting it out! (hint: it doesn't have anything to do with washing and shampooing it 7 times. Your silly kiddo will still look like the statue of liberty! Did I mention that said girl doesn't like getting her hair washed...yes, our house sounded like a torture chamber! :(

We found the following instructions on the Internet that worked like a charm!
1. Rub lots of baby oil or olive oil into the child's hair.
2. Squeeze as much oil and Vaseline out as possible with paper towels
3. Thoroughly cover with corn starch and rub through hair. (the picture above shows the cornstarch stage)
4. Wash hair 3 times with generous amount of Dawn brand liquid dish washing soap!

Amazingly enough, my silly girl's pretty red hair is back! I think it may be a bit shinier than usual for a while!

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