Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Visit From A Special Friend

A year or so after moving into our house, a couple of our neighbors commented on how "Virginia" always asked about us. Virginia?!

We found out that she lived in our house for almost 40 years, then sold her house to the woman who sold it to us less than 2 years later. I then found out that she was now living at the same assisted living apartment building that my grandmother lived in! A short time later, we decided to stop in after visiting grandma. She was so happy to see us, and had all kinds of stories and pictures to show us! We've been friends ever since!

I was so surprised to get a call from her today! She called and said that her cousin was in town and asked if they could come visit the backyard! She loved strolling around the yard and checking out all the old trees and flowers that she had planted years ago.
It's hard to believe that this sweet lady is almost 95 years old!

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