Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photography by K-age 5

Jeff decided to take on the very large task of tearing down, cleaning up, and hanging sheet rock to repair a wall in his parents' garage- all in less than 2 days, and almost completely by himself! I was brave and let K use the camera! :)
I laughed when I saw the pictures that K took! I have such a funny boy!
Smile Grandpa!
Here's the before picture. Just started tearing out the rotten wall.
Hanging the Tyvek ...
Filling in the gaps...

Explicit Material below! You may want to cover sensitive eyes!

Did I mention that these were taken by K?! :D

Here's the new wall almost finished. A wonderful neighbor came over and helped finish hanging the last of the sheet rock. We left that night, and arrived back at home at around 3am.

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Mom B said...

Too funny, what a photographer you are K! Love your pictures. :o)