Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rain Forest Zoo Class

This week's zoo class was all about the rain forest.  We learned about the different layers (the forest floor, the canopy, and the emergent layer), we got to see and touch several different rain forest animals and learned about which part they live in.

 This is Joe the Hyacinth Macaw...isn't he beautiful? We learned that he lives in the emergent layer of the rain forest.
K holding the giant hissing cockroaches... (they live on the forest floor).
This is a rainbow boa constrictor...up to more mischief, he took the zoo teacher's keys out of her pocket!  I'm pretty sure this is the same naughty snake that bit the zoo keeper here, but fortunately he had better behavior today.  :)
Last, we made rain forest flowers out of paper and then we made a "rain forest web" with string to show how all the different things that live in the rain forest are connected and important to each other.


Courtney said...

That looks so awesome! Very fun :)

Jo's Health Corner said...

What a great field trip! My kids would have love to see the boa constrictor, I would not :-)

Jo at
Jo's Health Corner

Robbie Isbell said...

I should have gone to the Utica Zoo while I was there. I went to it when I was in Kindergarten.